BTC Gambling Knowledge: Zero on Roulette

The green-colored zero (French: “Zéro”) in roulette always fulfills a very special task in the game. In roulette, zero is also the highest possible win in roulette.

The easiest way to explain the importance of the green zero in roulette is to list the consequences of the ball remaining on zero.

If the ball remains at zero in Roulette, then:

  • Of course all bets of those players who have bet on the zero win. But also all those bets that contain the zero win (in combinations).
  • Simple bets are blocked. The French expression “en Prison” is often used for this purpose. This means that if the ball remains on zero in Roulette, all bets are blocked and remain on the tableau. They are not confiscated for the time being and are considered a loss to the player.
  • In the next round, the bets will be refunded if the player is correct with his previous bet. All he gets back is his wager, without the winnings. If the Roulette zero comes twice in a row, then the player must lie correctly for two rounds to trigger his bet.
  • The bet is then blocked twice. However, if you roll the zero three times in a row, all double-barred bets in Roulette are retained by the casino as losses. If the bet is a multiple of the minimum bet, the player concerned may request that half of the bet be refunded. However, the bet must be reduced by half without loss.

Bank Advantage for 0 on Roulette

In addition, the zero in roulette secures a certain bank advantage for the casino, as the odds of winning are usually calculated as if there were no zero at all. This bank advantage can be particularly well demonstrated in roulette by the usual simple bets. With a bet between red and black, the probability of winning is 1:2 for the player. However, this is not entirely correct, since zero changes this probability a little in favor of the casino.